Functional Behavior Assessments

Services begin with a parent interview and an assessment to determine your child's individual strengths and needs. Information from other providers and testing may also be included in this step. We work with our families to create a low-stress environment to help provide the most accurate information about your child's skills.

Individualized ABA Program

Once an assessment has been completed, the assigned BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) works with your family to create an individualized plan for your student based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and current research on learning and development.  The plan involves identifying focus areas and specific strategies to support your child in reaching their full potential in the school, home, and community. The plan is updated regularly. Monthly progress notes and semi-annual full reassessments are conducted.

Parent Training

Providing training to parents and other caregivers is an integral part of a client’s ABA program. Parent training is an ongoing part of the intervention process and we prefer a high level of parent participation in the development of plans and implementation of intervention strategies. Additional family support is available:

  • Parent Training in clinic, at home or community outings

  • IEP & School Support

  • Collaboration with other services & activities