The idea for Expressive Beginnings was birthed from a late-night conversation with the founder’s sister, who had worked in the ABA and learning disability therapy business as a technician for over 26 years, was discussing the level of dysfunction in almost every therapy center she has worked.

Christopher, the founder, is passionately protective and loves defending and taking care of people, and he believes that opening a premier developmental therapy clinic will offer hope to families who may have lost all hope for their children living a “whole” life.


Expressive Beginnings offers developmental programs that help children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, or other developmental delays. We understand that children with one or more of these issues learn differently than most children and that even children struggling with the same disorder may learn differently from each other. As a result, our team uses applied behavior analysis and leading educational/development techniques to determine the needs and learning process of each individual child. We work to develop customized plans helping individuals and families reach their full potential.